Choose 1-Minute Relationship or Team Building Tool

Choose 1-Minute Relationship or Team Building Tool

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We’re committed to solving relationship problems. We couldn’t find a solution so we invented one (our patent-pending #10TRAITS Personal Power Tool gives you instant benefits.) Choose:

1.) RELATIONSHIP BUILDER - Use to strengthen Your Marriage, Family & Friendships. 

2.) TEAM BUILDER - Think smarter! Use gender, trait-based skills to build strong teams.

3.) DECISION MAKER - Accelerate innovation, productivity and profits. 

We will CONFIRM your choice 1,2,or 3 after your purchase.

Men have 10 great traits and so do women. Take a look! Just looking at your 10 traits lifts you to a higher level of being.  INTUITIVE, it's fast, fun and EASY to use.  It offers INSTANT access, instant benefits and instant results. Patent-pending, 10TRAITS offers the ONLY leadership training process in the world that creates a dynamic synergy between  the 10 traits of men and women. Use it to resolve conflicts, strengthen a relationship, build a strong team, and to make better decisions. 

It's a problem solver! Got a relationship problem? Have a conflict with a colleague? Asking the right question gives you the answer to the problem. Buy it now. Get started today!

Sold separately. 10TRAITS online, self paced 10 lesson course. It's accredited at university level. Be more confident, courageous, and successful. We offer 40 leadership exercises in a 10 session course for personal or professional development (2CEU) or for 2-university credits.

Use our online, self-paced courses to strengthen your own 10 natural leadership traits, improve your personal relationships and to express your full potential.

Give it as a gift. Give it to your family, your friends, your team, and your staff. Your Personal Power Toolkit includes your:

(1) The patent-pending 10TRAITS™ Personal Power Tool. 

(2)  LINK to our online, self-pace 10TRAITS 10 lesson course.