10TRAITS Leadership and Career Development - Accredited.
10TRAITS Leadership and Career Development - Accredited.
10TRAITS Leadership and Career Development - Accredited.

10TRAITS Leadership and Career Development - Accredited.

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Alexia Parks 10TRAITS offers a mastery-based learning process that strengthens 10 key skills that leaders possess.  This online course includes personal mentorship. This 10 lesson course lets you learn at your own pace. You move to the next lesson when you have mastered a specific trait. There are 10 traits. Optional: Ask about our online or *on campus* accredited training programs. We offer professional development and university credit from Colorado State University.

- Accredited. Choose 2-CEU, 2-CREDITS (University) or Certificate of Completion

- Do you want a #hiring advantage in the workplace?

- Is moving forward faster on your career path important to you?

- Does gaining an edge on applying Collaborative Leadership skills interest you?

Practice strengthening your 10 natural leadership traits with 40 powerful exercises

Choose self-paced online training or on campus. A personal trainer is included.

You get personalize Mentoring, custom-fit to your specific needs.

Experience how to FULLY express your 10 powerful traits and your full potential. 

Apply the 10TRAITS in the workplace to accelerate conflict resolution, team building, innovation and productivity. Higher productivity and profits are linked.

Our 10TRAITS program provides insights on how to use the 10 Traits in the workplace, in the classroom, at home and in relationships. 

REGISTER Today for our special discount savings. We'll send a LINK. You can START when you are ready, and train at your own pace.

We design our 10TRAITS courses so graduates will be able to:

  1. Make better decisions
  2. Be respected as a leader
  3. Act with courage and confidence
  4. Build and align strong teams that last
  5. Improve and strengthen your relationships
  6. Lead and collaborate across time zones and cultures
  7. Appreciate your natural leadership skills and those of others
  8. Respect and appreciate yourself and others
  9. Align your goals with your own inner strengths
  10. Align diverse minds around a common goal
  11. Experience the power of gender balance
  12. Reduce or resolve disruptive behaviors
  13. Speak up and communicate effectively
  14. Lead with your BEST self
  15. Feel a sense of fulfillment.

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